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Having only one or two drinks can still lead to DUI charges

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | DWI

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Factors such as a person’s size, weight and tolerance to alcohol can all affect how many drinks that person can have before becoming inebriated. For some, consuming just a drink or two can be enough to make them feel light-headed and unstable, while others can consumer several beers without reaching the point of full intoxication.

Whatever the case, all drivers are responsible for operating their vehicles safely when on the road, and everyone should monitor the amount they drink as well as recognize the signs of intoxication. Just because a person has only a couple of drinks at a bar with friends does not mean that person is not legally intoxicated and therefore unfit to drive. Driving while intoxicated can lead to serious criminal charges if one is caught, or worse, the driver could cause an accident that severely injuries or kills another.

The effects of alcohol on a driver

Regardless of how many drinks a person has or how that individual feels with regard to intoxication, the alcohol will still be in that person’s system and will affect the person’s blood alcohol content. Even if a person’s BAC is not over the legal limit, that person could still be experiencing the effects of alcohol, especially when trying to drive. Here are some potential effects of alcohol consumption:

Having only two drinks can raise someone’s BAC to .02%, which is below the legal limit, but the person may have decreased visual capabilities or experience trouble multitasking. Having more drinks will only increase a person’s BAC and decrease their abilities to conduct most activities needed to drive safely.

Bottom line

Regardless of how someone feels after drinking, it is never a good idea to take to the road no matter how many drinks a person has had. If a person does choose to drive after drinking and gets pulled over or causes an accident, that individual will likely face charges for DUI. If so, the person will want to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney from the onset to assist with mounting an effective defense.