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Man arrested in Harris County for suspected DWI and more

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense

It is never a good idea to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also, it’s certainly not a good idea to drive with a raging fire in the bed of one’s pickup truck. However, one individual allegedly did both, and he was arrested by Texas authorities recently on several charges.

Details concerning arrest

On Jan. 5, the man was pulled over by law enforcement; however, the report does not precisely specify what led to the traffic stop. However, the man apparently had a fully lit barbeque grill in the bed of his pickup, and he was ostensibly showing signs of intoxication. He reportedly failed a standardized field sobriety test. The report also mentions the BBQ grill caused a larger fire, but it was not specified if the fire remained in the confines of the pickup bed or damaged other property.

Nevertheless, police also say they found the man to be in possession of an unspecified amount of cocaine. Authorities arrested him and booked him into the Harris County Jail on charges of DWI and possession of a controlled substance. No bond or court appearance had been scheduled at the time of the report.

Right to defense

Although the evidence against the Texas man appears strong, he still has the right to mount an meaningful defense against the charges he faces. An experienced criminal defense attorney can analyze the circumstances surrounding the initial traffic stop and subsequent search of his vehicle to see if his rights were violated during the process. Regardless, a lawyer will work to obtain the best possible outcome for the accused individual.