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More than 100 vehicle accidents in Austin area

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Uncategorized

Austin and the surrounding areas do not usually see a lot of wintry weather each year. Because of this, many Texas motorists do not know how to drive on icy roads. The area’s recent bout with freezing temperatures has caused a spate of motor vehicle accidents, with more than 100 reported since Feb. 23.

Dozens of collisions

From Feb. 23 to Feb. 25, first responders in Austin-Travis County responded to 146 crashes throughout the area. Most of the collisions were reported as minor fender-benders; however, authorities did report at least 13 rollover accidents. The accidents also included a 12-vehicle pileup in Northwest Austin.

In the collisions, a total of 82 people suffered injuries, but the report did not specify the extent of those injuries. Apparently, almost all the crashes are blamed on motorists losing control in the icy conditions, particularly along overpasses and elevated roadways. The accidents also caused several road closures and a lot of traffic delays around the region.

Legal recourse for victims

Although icy conditions are being blamed for most of these accidents, in some cases, motorists may have been driving too fast for conditions or otherwise acting negligently behind the wheel. If someone was injured in an accident caused by a driver who failed to adjust for adverse road conditions, the affected party may choose to pursue a personal injury claim in an attempt at recovering damages. Anyone who feels he or she may have a valid claim will want to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas to gain a full understanding of his or her rights and options.