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2-vehicle crash in Texas claims 1 life, injuries others

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Motorists in Texas and elsewhere have a responsibility for ensuring their vehicles are safe, properly maintained and mechanically sound. Poorly maintained vehicles can lead to accidents on the road, and sometimes, those accidents can claim the lives of others. Such seems to be the case in a recent head-on collision in the Lone Star State that took a life and severely injured several others.

Details regarding the accident

The crash happened sometime on Sunday, May 9. A Chevy pickup was traveling south along State Highway 75 in Walker County. At the same time, a Chevy Malibu was heading north on the same road. Witnesses report a tire blew out on the pickup, causing it to enter oncoming lanes of traffic. It struck the Malibu head-on.

The driver of the Malibu was killed outright. Two children in the car were airlifted to a medical center for treatment. Also, the driver of the pickup and a pregnant woman in the front passenger seat were airlifted to the hospital. The pickup was also carrying an adult and child in its back seat, and they were each transported to the hospital. The accident is still under investigation.

Right to compensation

The surviving loved ones of the deceased Malibu driver may elect to pursue wrongful death claims against the pickup truck driver as well as anyone else who has ownership interest in his vehicle. To ensure they have a valid claim and to increase their chances of obtaining the maximum amount of compensation, affected parties will want to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas as soon as possible. A lawyer will carefully explain a client’s rights and options and fight aggressively to help the client get the justice he or she deserves.