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When A Minor Is Charged With A Crime

Juveniles and minors (under age 18 or 21) may be accused of the same types of offenses that adults are, including drug possession, driving while intoxicated, robbery and assault. However, the age of the accused may matter if they can defend themselves in a juvenile court for offenders between ages 10 and 17.

Some juvenile crimes are defined by the age of the defendant: sexting, truancy, curfew violations, underage drinking (under age 21), or possessing or distributing tobacco as a minor (under age 21). No matter what type of offense you or your teenage or college-aged son or daughter was charged with as a minor, you need legal advice right away.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Christian Villanueva worked extensively with juvenile criminal cases. His knowledge and experience are valuable in the defense of our clients.

Things We Look For When Representing Minors

Whenever there is doubt as to whether a young person’s case will proceed through a juvenile court or a regular court for adults, we look for every opportunity to keep it in juvenile court. This may mean getting felony charges downgraded to misdemeanor charges. The possibilities are endless when our creative, passionate advocacy is part of the defense.

We keep in mind that fighting alcohol and tobacco charges for 19-20-year-olds may be legally similar to the defense of adults, but the potential damage to a college career is very real. We work to protect our underage clients’ constitutional rights, privacy and confidentiality. We also advise convicted young people of opportunities to pursue timely expungement of criminal records.

We Care About Young People

At Villanueva, Salazar & Tucker PLLC, our lawyers have a special interest in helping young people keep their records clean. We know how hard it can be for a teenager or young adult to get out of the cycle of crime once it starts. We work compassionately with parents as well as with young offenders (who are innocent until proven guilty, just as adults are).

Above all, we keep our clients’ humanity in mind at all times while working on juvenile defense cases. We know that teenagers and young college students often make mistakes because of immaturity or bad influences from peers.

We do not believe that our young clients should have to sacrifice their futures over careless mistakes such as when fights get out of hand. To reach an attorney at our juvenile defense firm in Round Rock, call 512-575-3940 or complete our online inquiry form.