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How To Get Compensation After An Accidental Injury

At Law Office of Villanueva, Salazar & Tucker in Round Rock, Texas, our focus in all practice areas is the pursuit of justice. In a personal injury case, this means that we work hard to hold negligent motorists and other wrongdoers responsible for compensating our injured clients. We devote much time and energy to battling insurance companies that put obstacles in the way of justice.

Our attorneys are proud of our ability to help our clients recover compensation even in complex injury cases. We also bring noninjury damage claims, such as breach of contract and libel claims.

How We Can Help Right Away

When an injured person or their family members reach out to us, we are ready to hit the ground running to build a strong case through:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Review of medical records and close communication with health care providers
  • Legal analysis to determine fault and liability

A prompt investigation can make a great difference in a case’s outcome. Gathering evidence about the accident and the injuries helps our lawyers prepare compelling arguments for our clients’ injury claims and lawsuits. Clients appreciate our attention to detail, personalized service and fast results.

Examples Of Personal Injury Cases That We Handle

While recovering in the hospital or at home, a seriously injured person and their family members may soon realize how overwhelming it can be to obtain proper compensation. Many people, therefore, contact us for advice after suffering injuries because of:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents in public places or on other people’s private property
  • Burn injuries due to explosions, fires and toxic chemical leaks
  • Injuries on the job caused by defective tools
  • Assaults in public places with inadequate security
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks

We offer free initial consultations and contingency representation for people who have suffered such injuries. A phone call or quick email message can bring the advice and help that you need after an accident.

Why A Law Firm Can Be An Essential Ally After An Accident

It is important to get legal advice after an accidental injury. Even when injured people contact insurance companies after suffering injuries in accidents, they often encounter difficulty obtaining the financial relief they need. Our personal injury lawyers work to prove that negligent parties should compensate the injured.

At Villanueva, Salazar & Tucker PLLC, clients often mention the value of personal service they receive from our team. To schedule a consultation, call 512-575-3940 or send an email inquiry.