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Attorneys Ready To Advocate For You After A Car, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident

As you struggle to recover physically from injuries caused by a traffic accident, it is easy to feel frustrated and worried. How will you pay your medical bills? Will you be able to replace your lost wages? Is there any hope of receiving compensation for your pain and suffering? An attorney on your side who listens, explains legal processes to you and fights for your right to compensation can be your greatest ally, almost as important as your doctor or a family member.

At Law Office of Villanueva, Salazar & Tucker, we passionately believe that lawyers should work collaboratively with their clients rather than treat them like impersonal file numbers. We started this law firm with a commitment to communicate well with our clients and treat them as equal partners in their cases. Many satisfied clients have confirmed that we were right to take this approach. The personal attention that we promise starts with a free initial consultation followed by a speedy, detailed investigation.

We Are Here For You

Getting compensation after a car accident usually means recovering benefits from one or more insurers:

  • The insurance company of a negligent driver who collided with your vehicle
  • Your insurance company – possibly collecting on your insured motorist/underinsured motorist (UI/UIM) coverage
  • The insurance company of a manufacturer, car repair facility or someone whom you live with

Discovering which insurance company or companies are responsible to compensate you is one thing. Compelling them to pay what you deserve is another. Our lead personal injury attorney, Michael Tucker, started his career at a large, prominent personal injury law firm. He came away with ample knowledge and skills as well as a determination to work closely with clients and fight hard for their interests. That’s why he is part of Villanueva, Salazar & Tucker PLLC. Our entire legal team is ready to work hard in pursuit of the compensation you need and deserve after a motor vehicle accident.

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Your financial recovery can begin with one phone call or email message requesting a no-obligation meeting with one of our lawyers. We are eager to start lifting burdens from you, starting now.

Call 512-575-3940 or complete a simple intake form to get the conversation started. Start down the road to the financial recovery that can make other aspects of your recovery more complete and satisfying.